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From large teaching hospitals in exciting urban areas to small clinics in quaint communities, you’ll broaden your skills by observing different nursing procedures and approaches. Sunbelt staffs RNsLPNssurgical techs, and school nurses in full or part-time per diem nursing jobs in a variety of facilities including hospitals, health clinics, surgical centers, skilled nursing facilities, and schools. Enjoy the ultimate in customer service each and every day with Sunbelt’s warm professionals who are dedicated to making your priorities theirs.

What is Per Diem Nursing?

A Per Diem Nurse is one who is assigned to a hospital or other facilities on a day-by-day basis. These nursing positions have flexibility to travel around to various facilities and units throughout the week. This is a great fit for nurses who thrive in adapting to their environment and enjoy new experiences. It also presents the opportunity for nurses to get to know hospitals in the area to see which would be a great fit for a full-time commitment. Lastly, Per Diem Nursing provides a great fit for those who require a more flexible schedule which can lead to a more balanced lifestyle.

Per Diem Nursing Jobs Outlook

Per Diem Nursing positions continue to be in regular demand. This is partially due to the convenience for both the nurse as well as the facility that requires their services. One reason that this position can be so desirable is due to the fact that this position can meet temporary staffing requests, on a need-to-need basis. 

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