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Located on the eastern edge of Oregon, halfway between Salt Lake City and Portland, Ontario is in Oregon’s Western Treasure Valley. The land surrounding Ontario is rugged but spectacular and in the summer, the flowers paint the prairie with colors only imagined. The geography of the land lends itself to rockhounding as a local pastime. Roundhounds are successful in finding jasper, petrified wood, agate, obsidian and sunstone, Oregon’s state gem.

Ontario’s cultural history is as diverse as the United States itself. Formed by the cultures of Europe, Mexico, Japan and the American Indian, the city has a rich history that is evident in the local museums, gift shops and cafes that dot the city.

As a travel nurse, an experience in Ontario is worth having. The city’s hospital, Holy Rosary Hospital, is modern, convenient and offers a full continuum of healthcare serving eastern Oregon and southwestern Idaho.

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