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At Sunbelt, we understand that being a correctional nurse takes grit. What you do is more than just a job. As a correctional nurse, you are making an impact on many lives. Let us make an impact on yours.

When you’re ready to explore your next correctional RN position, partner with Sunbelt to see travel work in a new light.

What Is A Correctional Nurse?

A correctional nurse is an RN that works in correctional facilities such as jails or prisons. Corrections nurse jobs take place in a completely different environment than most nurses are accustomed to working in, and patients are different from most patient populations. However, the duties of a correctional nurse are often the same as most nurses.

When correctional facilities need temporary staffing help, they often hire travel nurses who can work for a short duration, with contracts generally three months. These temporary positions enable correctional facilities to be flexible with their staffing and quickly fill short-term needs.

Correctional Nurse Job Duties

Some responsibilities of a correctional RN include:

  • Assessing the health of incarcerated patients
  • Administering medications
  • Providing ordered treatments
  • Recognizing when patients need a higher level of care than what the correctional facility provides

You are not required to obtain specific correctional nursing education to practice as a correctional RN. However, nurses who wish to pursue a career in corrections will benefit from pursuing certification specifically for correctional nurses.

The National Commission on Correctional Health Care and American Correctional Association offers certifications for nurses who want to specialize in correctional nursing. These certifications are not necessary to work as a corrections nurse but will improve career opportunities in this field.

Correctional Nurse Salary & Job Outlook

The job outlook for registered nurses is projected, by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, to grow at least 9% between 2020 and 2030. This statistic does not include the extra demand in the nursing field created in the past several years. The job outlook for correctional nursing, however, is tied to the size of the corrections system.

Sunbelt is committed to helping correctional nurses develop their careers and find the best fit for their needs and goals. We pride ourselves on our unmatched knowledge, unwavering commitment and unrivaled grit to advocate for and empower you through every stage of your career.

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