Travel Nursing

Why You Should Consider Travel Nursing

If you’re working as a registered nurse or a student about to graduate and start your nursing career, you may want to consider travel nursing. For some people, working as a travel nurse is not even on their radar. Others may have thought about it, but are not sure if it would be the right fit. Consider some of the following reasons to consider travel nursing:

Expand Your Career

By working in a different hospital or healthcare facility every 13 weeks, travel nurses often have the chance to learn new skills, such as using various EMR software or the latest equipment. You’ll also have exposure to different patient populations you may not have worked with before. You could see cutting-edge procedures that are not performed in places you have previously worked. Seeing how different hospitals operate also may provide you with new insight and ways of handling all different cases.

Challenge Yourself

A travel assignment may take you out of your comfort zone. For example, depending on the facility you work at, you may be asked to float to a different unit or take on new responsibilities. You might also challenge yourself in ways not involving work. Being the new kid on the block is not always easy. You will probably have to make the first move when meeting people. Stepping out of your comfort zone provides an opportunity for personal growth that you’ll carry with you to your next job.

Have an Adventure

It might seem cliché, but life is short. If you’re the adventurous type, travel nursing will likely be a great fit. If you are typically a little more cautious, now might be the right time to try something new. Travel nursing offers a chance to see a different part of the country and get paid while you’re doing it. Have you always wanted to go to California, but have not had the money or time off from work? Is Miami your dream place to live? As a travel nurse, you can choose what city to live and work in, then move on to the next. When it comes to travel nursing, seeing the country is only part of the adventure. Making new friends and working in world-class medical centers can also be exciting.

Income Potential

Salaries for travel nurses vary by assignment. In some cases, you may earn more money as a traveler than you would at a permanent staff position in your area.

Remember, pay for travel nurses is set up differently than when you get a permanent job. In addition to salary, travel nurses get housing, health insurance, and a stipend for meals. When you add possible sign-on or completion bonuses, salaries can be lucrative.

You Might Regret Not Giving it a Shot

Travel nursing may not be right in every situation. If you just had a baby or are caring for an elderly parent, it’s not going to be the right time for a travel job. But if now feels like the right time to give travel nursing a shot, take advantage of that and get started!

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