Speech Pathology

Why is Speech Therapy Important?

I remember being a child in school, seeing the other children that used to be picked up by school aides for speech therapy. I knew that they were leaving for speech, but I didn’t really know what that was or why it was necessary. I just knew that I wanted to go and that I was so jealous of those kids who got to leave class, regardless of why it was.


As an adult, I see speech therapy in such a different light. It’s not about getting to leave class and do something different from the other students, although that is an incentive for kids who might otherwise be unwilling. It’s about correcting a problem before it gets to be an issue, and giving kids the tools they need to be confident, educated adults.

During my stint in the public schools, I talked to so many parents who were in denial about the fact that their little one needed to be in speech. You might be surprised how many parents are not comfortable with their child attending speech therapy. It’s important for parents to know how critical speech therapy is, and that it is not as serious as it may sound.

Speech Therapy Builds Confidence

When kids have speech impediments, they know it. Kids who talk differently from other children know that they do, and that can affect confidence. The age-old lisp, turning Rs into Ws, stuttering—these are some of the classic issues that cause students to need assistance from a speech therapist. Sure, these things may be cute when they are five years old, but at age 10, such problems aren’t so adorable.

If your child seems to be having trouble socializing at school and you know that they have a speech issue, consider enrolling them in speech therapy. Newfound skills build confidence, and they will be eager to show off their new speech skills by talking to other people.

Speech Therapy is Fun

As a child, speech therapy is fun. As an adult, speech therapy is a bore and may even be an embarrassment. For this reason, most adults who may benefit from speech therapy don’t get the help they need. Do your child a favor and allow them to attend speech therapy at school while it is still fun.  Not only does this take away from the bore of re Not only does this take away from the bore of regular curriculum, but it gives students something else to improve, work on and look forward to outside of their regular studies.

While it may not sound like a ball of joy to a parent, most kids find speech therapy to be fun and look forward to it.

Avoid Costs down the Line

When it is offered by the school, speech therapy is free of charge. It is part of the total educational experience, and is an experience that all parents who are offered it should take advantage of. Therapists can cost up to $200 per hour of therapy. Let them work for the school and teach your child now, or write the check later when you realize just how important speech therapy is to your child’s success—your choice.

The bottom line is this: nobody wants to admit the fact that their child has a speech issue, or any other type of trouble. Speech therapy does no harm, but it can do your child a world of good. It increases their confidence, their chances of success in school, and gives them the tools they need to combat their speech issue for the rest of their life. Do your child a favor and enroll them in speech at school if they need it. They will come home ranting and raving about the fun they had before too long, and you will see their speaking improve for the better.

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