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The 15-Minute Key to Student Success?

meditation-benefits-school-workA recent article on the Huffington Post explored the benefits of meditation in our nation’s public schools. Many of us are aware of the benefits that a bit of alone time can bring, but this article stresses that meditation, even in a classroom setting, can change schools and students for the better. 

One Brooklyn charter school first put Quiet Time to use when it opened two years ago as part of its holistic education approach. Students there end the day with a 15-minute stretch of silence. Quiet Time gives students more than the opportunity to meditate. They are also able to cope with stress and regain focus, all on their own.

One student pointed out that because of Quiet Time, he gets in fewer arguments. Another student claimed meditation helped him earn higher grades.

This article mentioned a thought-provoking analogy in that calmness is already within us, we just need to reaccess it. This is what Quiet Time aims to achieve by allocating special times for children to relax their minds and rest deeply.

Do you utilize Quiet Time in your school? If so, what benefits have you experienced from it?

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