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Traits Employers Want — How to Standout In Your Interview

nursing-hospital-healthcare-interview-tipsBefore you land the perfect nursing travel assignment, you will likely be required to interview with your potential employer. Depending on your location and the location of the assignment, you may interview in person, over the phone, or via Skype. Regardless of how you interview, it is a chance to let an employer know what makes you a good candidate.

During an interview, you convey certain traits through your attitude, demeanor and how you respond to questions. You always want to be sincere and be yourself. But also consider that hospitals and healthcare facilities are looking for employers with certain traits, such as the following:

Sense of Humor

Medical work is serious business, but having a sense of humor is usually seen as a positive trait because I helps reduce stress. Keep in mind that you don’t need to overdo it and try to be a comedian during your interview.


Hospitals operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They cannot close because staff members call in sick or don’t show up. Being dependable is an essential trait to convey. Dependability also means your coworkers can count on you to pitch in when needed.


No one likes to work with someone who is standoffish and unfriendly. In addition, hospitals want workers who are professional and friendly to their patients. Remember to smile, be natural, and let your personality come through. Strong interpersonal skills can make or break you when it comes to a job interview.


Patients deserve to be treated with compassion. Employers want to hire staff members who will treat patients, their families, and other staff members with a caring and compassionate attitude.


Working in nursing likely means you will be handling several duties at the same time. In order to be successful, you will need to be well organized.


In a hospital or healthcare setting, you will be working together with other medical professionals. If you don’t work well as part of a team, you will have trouble from the start.

Positive Attitude

A positive attitude goes a long way. Being upbeat and enthusiastic during your interview is a good way to show a positive attitude. Avoid complaining about past supervisors or your last job. If possible, stay away from discussing negative work experiences and problems in the past. Positive people are more likely to get along with co-workers and supervisors.


When you are working as a nurse, no two days will be exactly the same. There may be times when you have to change direction and work on something new. It is helpful to be able to go with the flow and deal with the unexpected in a calm manner.


Being versatile can be a great trait to have as a nurse. Can you work in more than one area of nursing? For example, do you have experience in the emergency room and the intensive care unit? Being skilled in different specialties of nursing is seen as an asset to employers.

Leadership Skills

Even if you are not applying for a charge nurse or supervisor position, having strong leadership skills is seen as a plus. Keep in mind, leadership does not only mean being the boss. It also means being able to take charge of the situation and make necessary decisions.

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