The Best and Worst Things about Working as a Healthcare Traveler

pros-cons-travel-nursing-jobMany people dream about starting over at a new job or in a new city. A fresh start can be appealing for a variety of reasons. But if you are considering becoming a healthcare traveler, you should take a little time to think it over. Although it can be a great experience, it may not be for everyone. So how do you decide if working as a healthcare traveler is right for you? Taking a look at the best and worst things about a career as a traveler is a good place to start.

Healthcare Travel Jobs: What’s to Love?

Before you jump into a career as a traveler, consider some of the perks and benefits of life on the road. Although everyone is different, there are some common advantages of working in a healthcare travel job.


Seems like a no-brainer, but one of the main perks of the job is the opportunity to live and work in another part of the country. Exploring a new city can be a great way to spend your days off.

Starting Fresh

Sometimes it is nice to go where no one knows you. Working as a healthcare traveler provides a clean slate. Leaving bad habits behind and setting new goals can often be easier when you are starting fresh.

Increased Opportunities

Depending on where you live, working as a healthcare traveler can mean opportunities to work in a bigger medical center and move into a different type of nursing. Travel assignments can open doors and enhance your skills along the way.


Moving to a new city, meeting new people and starting a job can be exciting. A new adventure may be just what you need to help you get out of a rut or help make the job seem fresh again.

What’s Not to Love?

Few things in life are perfect all the time. Even if a healthcare travel job sounds great, there are bound to be a few negative things about it. Consider some of the less desirable things about working as a healthcare traveler.

Being Lonely

Although being alone and being lonely are two different things, you may find you are dealing with both when you first hit the road. Getting settled in a new job and in a new city may take a little while. It is not uncommon to feel a little homesick at first. But with the right attitude and a little initiative, you may feel at home in no time.

Getting Lost

When you move to a new city, it can be easy to get lost. Whether you get lost walking around the hospital or getting around town, not knowing your way around can be frustrating. Luckily, there are plenty of apps to help you navigate your way. 


When one travel assignment is over, you may have to look for something new. The uncertainty, which can result when you do not have a permanent job, is not for everyone. Good communication with your recruiter and flexibility can help you land your next assignment before your current one is over.

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