Speech Therapy After Traumatic Brain Injury

speech therapy traumatic brain injurySchool-based speech therapists work with children with various types of conditions, such as down syndrome, autism, and cleft-palates. Although it might not be as common, school speech therapists also treat children who have had traumatic brain injuries (TBI). According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, about 18% of speech therapists who work in a school setting treat children with traumatic brain injuries.

Traumatic brain injuries in children may result from car accidents, falls, and sports-related injuries. Non-accidental brain injuries from abuse can also occur in children. Depending on the extent of the injury, children may have cognitive, physical, and speech impairments. (more…)

School Occupational Therapy Goals to Consider

occupational therapy goals
If you work as a school-based occupational therapist, you are probably no stranger to writing reports. One of the most important reports you create is the student’s individualized education program (IEP). The IEP goals guide the school-based team and are critical to the work you do with your students. Good goal writing helps you stay focused and may help your students reach their potential. (more…)

Top 6 Free Resources for School Nurses

school nurse resources
Working as a school nurse often means you are the only medical professional onsite. School nurses should be comfortable working independently and trusting their own judgment. Even if you are used to working alone, it’s nice to have resources that provide information and support. Nurses are the heart of healthcare and providing free resources in order for them to continue to thrive in their career is essential. Self-learning is beneficial to career development, as it is motivated based on one’s desire to learn more about a specific area and presents the opportunity for one to learn at their own pace. By pursuing additional resources, nurses are able to discover an abundance of information including how to handle unexpected situations. Several resources may be beneficial for school nurses, including those listed below. (more…)

A Full Guide to Occupational Therapy Shadowing

shadow occupational therapist

For students considering a career as an occupational therapist, shadowing is one of the best ways to get an idea of what an OT does. Occupational therapists focus is on developing fine motor skills, visual-perception skills, cognitive skills and sensory-processing deficits. They help patients to fully engage with daily activities such as eating and driving. Along with shadowing in settings, such as a hospital or clinic, it’s also beneficial to see OTs at work in other areas. Shadowing a school-based occupational therapist is one option to consider. By doing so, participants are not only able to understand the functions of an OT but can experience how the job is performed.   (more…)

Meal Prep Ideas for Nurses

Nurses are often so dedicated to their jobs they work right through lunch breaks and night shift snack breaks. (1) Breaks are a necessary part of protecting against burnout, and equally important, making sure a nurse gets adequate nutrition while on the job. Busy nurses need easy lunch and snack ideas to make break taking as easy as possible. Here are some easy tips to make meal breaks a no brainer:


Sunbelt Staffing Named 2019 Large Business of the Year

The Upper Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce recently announced the 2019 Business of the Year award recipients at the Upper Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce Awards and Installation Banquet on May 31, 2019. Sunbelt Staffing was named the 2019 Large Business of the Year. Ken Kistner, Division Director, accepted the plaque on behalf of the entire Sunbelt Staffing team at the awards ceremony. This is the second time that Sunbelt Staffing has received this award.


History of Special Education

Fifty years ago, U.S. public schools were not legally required to educate students with disabilities. While some schools of education had already been training teachers to work in the field of special education, many children with disabilities did not attend public schools at all until schools were mandated to serve them with the passage of the Education for All Handicapped Children Act (EHA) in 1975.


5 Ways of Coping with the Stressful Hospital Work Environment

 Nursing is a rewarding but often stressful career. The critical nature of a nurse’s work, caring for sick and sometimes dying patients and their families, is naturally stressful. But a workforce shortage means that nurses may also have to take on larger workloads than is ideal, creating extra stress. In travel nurse jobs, nurses may also be regularly learning the ropes at new hospitals. And because healthcare regulations are constantly changing, nurses must also keep up with paperwork and new policies, which can be even more taxing.


Speech Language Pathologists Role in Helping Children with Autism

 Speech therapy for autistic children is not a one size fits all treatment. Children may have different areas of communication they need help with, and speech therapy goals will often differ. It’s helpful for speech therapists to consider providing both individual therapy and depending on the child’s age, therapy in a group setting as well.

Symptoms of autism are often apparent by the age of three. The sooner language delays are recognized, and therapy can start, the better. Typically, speech-language pathologists may help children with autism in the following ways:


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