New Physical Therapist: Why You Should Travel

Once you earn your degree, you may be eager to settle down and establish yourself in one location as soon as possible. This is certainly a valid option for someone who knows exactly where they want to live and has a guaranteed job awaiting them. However, not many college graduates are that lucky. If you have recently graduated and are struggling to find a job in your field nearby, it is time to think about joining a staffing firm and traveling around the country.

Travel Perks

One of the most obvious benefits of becoming a temporary replacement is the opportunity to travel around the country. While you have been busily studying for the last several years, it is unlikely that you have had the chance to visit the different regions of the country and explore the various cultures that flourish in our nation. By joining a staffing company, you can visit a variety of locations and perhaps determine where you would eventually like to put down roots.

Environmental Variety

There are many types of physical therapy environments. You may want to work in a nursing home, hospital, sports facility, or a private practice that sees a variety of clientele. By joining a staffing firm, you will have the opportunity to experiment in a variety of environments which may help you decide what type of therapy you would like to focus on.


Even if you already know exactly what subfield of the profession you want to be in, there may be no openings in your immediate area. If this is the case, traveling may be your best option for gaining experience in your field. It is far better to work in your field and add experience to your resume than to settle for a job that is related to your field, or completely outside of it, simply to earn a paycheck.

New People

One of the things military families will tell you they enjoy most about being transferred to different bases is that they enjoy meeting new people. While you wouldn’t be stationed in any one area as long as military personnel are, you would have the opportunity to meet new people and form lasting friendships in areas you would likely never have explored. Not only can these people become good friends, they can also become excellent resources as you advance your career. The people you work for can be used as references for future job opportunities and may potentially remain contacts who can help you find new jobs in the future.

If you have recently become a physical therapist and do not yet have a job, what is your current plan? Are you looking for jobs in your immediate area, in places where you think you might like to live, or with staffing companies? What is influencing your job search?

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