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Making Your House Feel Like A Home While on Assignment

temporary housing travel assignmentJust because your healthcare travel assignment is temporary, doesn’t mean your new apartment can’t feel like home. Making your temporary housing feel homey can help you feel comfortable and relaxed. Consider taking the following steps:

Unpack Right Away

You may have a lot to do when you start a healthcare assignment. But don’t let getting your home organized take a back seat. Unpack as soon as possible. Leaving your belongings unpacked makes it more difficult to find things and leaves you feeling unsettled. Finding a place for everything, removing clutter, and putting away moving boxes makes your place feel like home sooner.

Add a Splash of Color

It’s common for apartments to have white walls and neutral-colored furniture. In a temporary home, you can’t paint and replace large pieces, but you can still add a splash of color. Consider buying a colorful centerpiece for a table or a throw blanket to add some personality to your place.

Remember Little Details Can Make a Big Difference

Adding a few small details to a new apartment can make it feel a lot more like home. A small area rug, flowers, or a few accent pillows may make a new place feel homey. Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune to decorate your place. Consider shopping at consignment shops, garage sales, and online sites to find bargains to spruce up your new home. Avoid going overboard buying a lot for your apartment. Remember, you have to pack it back up.

Make it Your Own

Usually, the housing on a healthcare travel assignment is furnished. Major pieces, such as a bed, couch, and kitchen table are provided. Although you cannot drag your furniture and appliances from assignment to assignment, you can still put your stamp on your home and make it your own. Adding even a few things to your space can make it reflect your personality. Think about your style and what small items you can add that express your taste.

Involve All Your Senses

Making your temporary housing feel like a home may mean getting all your senses involved. Place a few scented candles around to make your place smell nice. Bring music from home to have some familiar sounds. A soft blanket that adds a cozy feel to your space might be just what you need after a long shift at work.

Bring a Few Things from Home

Bringing something small from your house may help you feel less homesick and comfortable in your new digs. Something simple, such as family pictures, wall art or candles can add a little bit of home. If you choose to hang wall art, use removable adhesive strips, which will not damage the walls.

Hopefully, by using some of the suggestions above, your new place will feel like a home away from home. What did you include in your temporary home to make it feel homey?

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