How Teachers Can Reset Over the Summer

What do teachers do in the summer? Perhaps the better question is how teachers should use the summer break to recharge. As rewarding as the profession is, being a teacher can also be physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. Teachers in the summer can use this time to reset.

The importance of self care for teachers really should not be underestimated. You will do yourself and your students a favor if you use your summer break to rest, refresh, and renew. You will have the mental, emotional, and physical energy for the new school year.

People often ask: Do teachers get summer off? While not working at educating your students, work on taking care of yourself. You will enrich your teaching career and improve your quality of life.

6 activities teachers can do over the summer

Activities teachers can do over the summer.

Summer vacation for teachers should be a mix of relaxing, doing something you love, and getting ready for the next year. Here are some ideas for thinking about what teachers do in the summer that can help you recharge for the coming year.

1. Make time for self care

Do teachers work in the summer? Summer is the time you should prioritize self-care. What that means is different for everyone. Use summer break for teachers to improve your physical well-being with working out, getting plenty of sleep, and eating healthy.

Invest in good mental health habits, too. Set personal goals for your overall career. Journaling gets your feelings out, makes you accountable to yourself, and is a resource for self-awareness. Establish and perfect a routine that will put you on a healthy track to continue into the school year.

2. Get out and travel

Travel is a great way to shake up routines. As an educator, you will want to continually stimulate your mind and keep learning. A journey, whether near home or someplace exotic, does both. While you enjoy getting away and experiencing something new, you might find insights and experiences you can share with your students and use to enhance the classroom.

3. Catch up on some reading

Ensure you continue to grow and thrive through reading. You may benefit from professional development books across topics such as leadership, behavior management, understanding learners, and how to build educator skill sets. Or perhaps there is a classic novel you have always wanted to read but have never gotten the opportunity to.

4. Explore your hobbies

Teachers in the summer catch up on a hobby or even take up a new one. The list of potential options are nearly endless, including drawing, photography, yoga, sports, gardening, and more. Perhaps spend some time with charities in areas that interest you and provide a sense of personal enrichment.

5. Spend time with friends and family

Summer can be an ideal time for teachers to reconnect with friends and family. The school year can get so busy that it is easy to lose connections to the people we love. That is not good for your mental health or your quality of life. Set aside plenty of time to spend with people you enjoy. You can even include them in your travel and hobbies.

6. Prepare for the new school year

One of the common answers to questions about what teachers do in summer is prepare for the coming year. Avoid stress by buying supplies early in the summer. Reduce anxiety around the start of the school year by planning curricula, setting up schedules and organizing your teaching space. A little back to school prep will help you relax during your summer vacation for teachers.

Do teachers work over the summer?

Many people wonder: Do teachers work in the summer? Though not mandatory, you might find that a side job for the summer eases your budget. For example, some teachers offer tutoring over the summer break, while others take on different part-time jobs. Make the best choices based on your finances and interests, but do realize the importance of taking time for yourself as a teacher during the summer.

Do teachers get paid during summer break?

Whether teachers get paid during summer break is not always straightforward. Most school districts only pay teachers for the ten months of the year that they are physically teaching and interacting with students. Some areas issue paychecks only during those months, while others average it out by sending a paycheck every month.

Why is summer important for teachers?

Teachers’ summer break is a chance to step away from pressures and school responsibilities. Take the time to focus on you. Use the summer break to ensure you are ready to start the upcoming school year right.

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