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Healthcare Travel Assignment Housing FAQ

One of the perks of working as a healthcare traveler is that your housing is included while you are on assignment. If you’re new to working as a traveler, you might have several questions. Keep in mind; specific staffing agencies may vary in their benefits package, including housing allowances and accommodations. Although some general questions and answers are listed below, it’s best to talk with your recruiter to find out more specifics on housing. 

What type of housing is usually offered while on travel assignments?

Although it can vary, many staffing agencies offer a studio or one bedroom apartment. Assignments, which are shorter than 13 weeks, may provide accommodations at extended stay hotels. In most cases, staffing agencies try to find housing that is close to the facility you will be working in.

Can I choose my own place to live?

Yes. You can look for a place to live on your own anywhere you want. If you want to find your own housing, you will usually be given a housing stipend. The stipend may vary based in part on geographic area. If you’re taking an assignment in a city where the rents are high, your housing stipend may not completely cover the cost of your rent.  

Is it okay to bring my pets?

Usually, you can bring your four-legged friend with you on assignment. Keep in mind that some apartment complexes may have breed restrictions, which might limit your housing options. Healthcare travelers that bring their pets are also responsible for pet deposits.

Are apartments furnished?

Apartments are usually furnished, although specifics may vary. Some furnished apartments include furniture but don’t include linens and kitchenware. It’s advisable to talk to your recruiter and get a list of what furnishings are included with your apartment.

Do I pay for utilities?

Some apartment complexes include certain utilities in the rent. In other cases, the staffing agency will provide a stipend. What is included in covered utilities may vary.  Water, gas and electric are often included, but cable and phone may not be covered. Also, you still need to have the utilities turned on in your name shortly before you arrive.

Do I have to pay for a security deposit?

Healthcare travelers are typically not responsible for security deposits. But if you cause damage to the apartment, in some cases, you may have to cover the costs.

Can my family travel with me?

Your family can travel with you while you are on assignment, but your housing allowance or the size of your apartment will usually not be increased. That means if you need a bigger place to accommodate family, you are often responsible for the difference in cost.

Can I arrive early?

The date you can move into your apartment is usually a few days before you’re expected to be at your facility. If you want to have extra time to settle in before starting work, talk with your recruiter. When your assignment is over, you will likely have a few days to pack up before you need to move out.

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