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Eight Healthcare Facilities and Schools that are Giving Back to Their Community

Healthcare facilities and schools are helping people every day. Whether it involves proving medical care or training future healthcare professionals, these schools and health organizations are making a difference. But some healthcare facilities and schools do even more for their community. Below are eight organizations and schools that are giving back to their community in several ways.

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

UMPC gives back to the community in several ways. For example, The Pittsburgh area has a large senior population. UMPC is committed to seniors in its community. In 2014, UMPC opened the Aging Institute. The institute connects seniors and their caregivers with resources in the community to meet their needs. Educational seminars and workshops are also held on a variety of topics. Services are free.

George Washington School of Medicine and Health Services

George Washington School of Medicine and Health Services sponsors several service projects each year, including a community service program called ISCOPES for students and employees to get involved and give back to their community.  Volunteers are matched with various projects that address the health needs of various D.C. Metro neighborhoods.

Emory Healthcare

Emory Healthcare started the Community Giving Program in 2002, and it has been going strong ever since. Emory University and Emory Healthcare have partnered with over 500 non-profit charities in the community who provide a variety of services. Employees can donate to the organization(s) of their choice through a check of payroll deduction.

Stanford School of Medicine

This west coast medical school gives back to their community by providing free medical care to the underserved in their community through the Cardinal Free Clinics. Cardinal Free Clinics offer services including general medical care, HIV testing, free x-rays, and low-cost prescriptions. 

Tenet Health

Tenet Health has a variety of healthcare facilities around the country. Individual hospitals are encouraged to give back to their communities. Facility employees provide hands-on volunteer work with local non-profit agencies. Tenet also supports several charities that focus on reducing poverty, improving education, and providing access to healthcare in various communities.

Sutter Health

Sutter Health runs hospitals and medical centers in California and other states. But their mission extends past the walls of their facilities. Sutter Health gives back to the community in several ways, such as partnering with community organizations that provide services to the homeless and working with agencies that help victims of domestic violence.

El Camino Hospital

Although not a large healthcare facility, El Camino Hospital in the Silicon Valley is giving back to their community through the Hope to Health Program. Hope to Health volunteers raise awareness and money to support programs that meet the needs of women and their families in the community, such as providing gynecological care for low-income women and providing heart health education for those at risk.

Lahey Hospital and Medical Center

Lahey Hospital and Medical Center is a teaching facility, which is part of Tufts University. This Massachusetts healthcare facility gives back to the community in a several ways. For example, the medical center donates to local domestic violence centers. They also have a long history of partnering with community organizations and law enforcement agencies to provide crisis intervention services to victims of domestic violence.


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