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As a physician assistant (PA), you dedicate a lot of time to your career, and Sunbelt is here to help!  We can match you with a physician assistant job that offers you the flexibility you deserve and the benefits you desire, all with a company you can trust.  Looking for a job in a teaching hospital on the coast of California?  Prefer a rural medical facility in the mountains of Montana?  Sunbelt can take you there.  Sunbelt Staffing is a leading provider for physician assistant jobs across the country.  We are dedicated to providing you with a variety of positions to choose from to meet your specific needs as a physician assistant.

What are Physician Assistant Jobs?

Physician assistants are medical professionals who provide diagnostics and therapeutic care for patients. Some of the responsibilities of a PA include conducting patient exams, prescribing medication, ordering laboratory or diagnostic tests and developing treatment plans. 

Physician Assistant Job Outlook

The demand for physician assistant jobs are expected to increase by 31% from 2018 to 2028, which is substantially higher than the average of all occupations. PAs are often a part of a team-based healthcare team which is expected to be a model that will continue to grow in the healthcare industry, resulting in the need for more PAs as well. 

At Sunbelt, we invest in your future.  For every 13-week travel assignment you complete, you can receive up to $150 for continuing education credits.  With Sunbelt you can choose where, when, and what type of facility to practice, all while continuing your training.  Not sure what type of position is for you? Sunbelt offers an abundance of physician assistant jobs in a variety of settings, including primary care medicine, family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, emergency care/urgent care, and special practice.

Physician Assistant Jobs Available Now

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New job opportunities are opening constantly across the country.

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