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As a nurse practitioner (NP) with Sunbelt Staffing, you can build your base of knowledge, experience and skill, all while enjoying a great career.  Sunbelt takes the time to listen to your needs to find the perfect nurse practitioner job to suit your lifestyle.  Your needs are our priority; that is what makes Sunbelt number one in the industry for customer service.

At Sunbelt, we create an individualized job search designed to match you with the perfect position.  We have relationships with various facilities, practices and hospitals across the nation to offer our advanced practice professionals the best nurse practitioner jobs.

What are Nurse Practitioners?

Nurse practitioners have received a graduate-level education with additional certification and training that allows them to practice at an increased capacity. These healthcare professionals are able to diagnose patients as well as prescribe prescriptions. The exact guidelines of this profession may differ on a state-by-state basis which is where the Sunbelt Staffing team can help. Our dedicated team will act as a resource to help you know the requirements of our available job positions from across the country so you can be prepared and focus on what you do best. 

Nurse Practitioner Job Outlook

The job outlook for nurse practitioners is certainly a positive one. With a 26% growth rate, this profession sits at a faster growth average than most occupations. This field is becoming an increasingly used form of care which contributes to the projected growth overall.  

Although matching you with the perfect assignment is an important part of achieving your success, it’s only the first step. From assignment selection to job location, from neighborhood to housing preferences, Sunbelt lets you make the choices that matter most.  You can rely on the strength and knowledge of our recruiters and support team at Sunbelt Staffing to guide you through your experience. 

Nurse Practitioner Jobs Available Now

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New job opportunities are opening constantly across the country.

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