School Therapy Frequently Asked Questions


What specialties does Sunbelt place?
Sunbelt strives to place you in the healthcare facility that you desire.  Currently, the specialties that are in high demand are nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and clinical nurse specialists.  These positions are available in clinics/hospitals, emergency rooms, urgent care facilities, private practices, nursing homes, schools/colleges, and public health departments.

What are the minimum requirements?
The requirements can vary significantly from facility to facility.  Contact a Sunbelt recruiter to discuss the options and the requirements for your discipline.

Will someone be available around the clock if I need help?
Sunbelt provides all of our healthcare professionals with their recruiter’s cell phone number.  Your recruiter can be reached at anytime, day or night, to help solve any emergency problems or to answer any questions you might have. 

Am I under obligation after submitting my application?
You are not under obligation until you verbally accept an assignment, which takes place after you have been interviewed and a position has been offered to you.  You can speak with a Sunbelt recruiter, discuss options and locations, and even hear about available jobs, all without obligation. 

Are there any fees associated with placement?
Sunbelt does not believe in charging fees to their advanced practice professionals for finding a career they will enjoy.  As an industry leader, we hold to the highest standards and we never charge you for your placement.  Our years of success enable us to place you in great assignments without charging you a penny.

General travel

How long are Sunbelt’s travel assignments?
While both shorter and longer assignments do occur from time to time, our typical advanced practice assignments range from 13 to 26 weeks.  Of course, the longer the advanced practice assignment, the greater the opportunity for higher earnings.

When will I have my next assignment?
At Sunbelt, we begin looking for your next assignment six – eight weeks before the end of your current assignment.  We understand that a reliable, regular income is important to you and we do our best to create ongoing assignments for you for as long as you desire.

Where are your travel assignments located?  Suppose I am interested in “traveling” at home?
Whether you’re looking for beaches, mountains, small or big towns, Sunbelt can help you find an assignment.  We offer assignments in all 50 states.  Whether you’d like to travel across the country or in your own backyard, we will work to find the right assignment for you.

What is the process for selecting a travel assignment?
Your recruiter will first take the time to get to know your knowledge, skills, and clinical strengths as well as your desires for pay and location.  Once your specific qualifications are matched with an available job opportunity, your recruiter will contact you to go over the information about the unit, shift, case load, salary, etc.  After hearing all the details, you will be asked for permission to be submitted for consideration for the advanced practice opening.  In the final step of the process, the unit manager will contact Sunbelt to schedule a telephone interview.  Once your interview has taken place and an offer has been made, you decide whether to accept or decline the assignment.

What if I do not have a license in the state in which I am interested?
If you do not have a license in the state in which you are looking to take an assignment, Sunbelt can help!  Contact information for the necessary medical associations is available on our site.  In addition, our recruiters can inform you of fees, estimate the length of the application process, and provide you with other necessary information to assist you with licensing.  Sunbelt will even help you with the license fees once you have completed an assignment with us!

I have never been through a telephone interview before.  What can I expect?
In many ways, a telephone interview is easier than a face-to-face meeting.  On a telephone interview, you don’t have to worry about body language and it’s easier for the interviewer to focus on your credentials and skills.  It is very important to communicate clearly your experience and skill level.  We can also provide you with an interview prep sheet to remind you of questions to ask and to keep you focused during the interview process. One good thing about these interviews is that your pay and benefits have already been discussed by your recruiter, so you can focus on the position and expectations of your interviewer.

Once I have selected a travel assignment, what comes next?
Once you have selected an advanced practice assignment, Sunbelt’s credentialing department will make sure that all paperwork required by Sunbelt and the facility is in order.  Keeping you legal while on assignment is very important; you will be required to have all documentation completed before your start date.  Your advanced practice recruiter is there for you and is available to answer any questions that you may have during your assignment.

What if I run into problems while on assignment?
If by chance you do run into problems while on assignment, contact your recruiter immediately.  Your recruiter is readily available and is able to see that any situation is routed to the appropriate parties and handled as quickly and thoroughly as possible.  You will be given your recruiter’s cell phone number and he/she can be reached day or night.  Most problems are resolved within 24 hours. 

If I like my assignment, is it possible for me to stay?
We strive to find you the right place and the right assignment. If the facility is satisfied with your performance and requires additional service, a job extension may be available. 

Benefits and Housing

In my staff position, there are many benefits such as retirement, continuing education, etc.  What does Sunbelt offer?
When you accept an assignment with Sunbelt, you don’t have to choose between the benefits of a permanent job and the flexibility of a travel or per diem position.  We work hard to provide you with top industry benefits.  In addition to health insurance, including medical, dental and vision, we also offer a 401(k).

I will need housing on this assignment.  How does that work?
Sunbelt has made it easy to find housing for your assignment.  We have an outstanding housing department that goes to work as soon as they are notified you’ll need housing.  Within 24 hours of notification, the housing department will contact you to start looking for the neighborhood that will best suit you.  Once you’ve chosen your neighborhood, Sunbelt will provide you with a fully furnished, one-bedroom apartment.  You will also be able to elect first or second floor location, washer/dryer availability, a pet-friendly policy, etc. 

What about pay?  How much, when, and how?
We work aggressively on your behalf to get the highest possible hourly rate for you.  Your experience, specialty, location, shift, flexibility, and length of assignment all come into play as well as your non-wage benefits (health insurance, housing, travel reimbursements, etc.).  Contact a recruiter for details.

Sunbelt pays weekly by the method of your choice.  We offer direct deposit, overnight delivery, and standard mail to the address of your choice.  Another option is our virtual instant paycheck (V.I.P.) card.  Our V.I.P. card allows you an easy way to manage your pay, bonuses and reimbursements, resulting in immediate cash that is available at ATMs worldwide.  

How are my taxes handled?
Sunbelt handles all the standard payroll taxes as well as state taxes that apply.  Please be aware that you will be required to pay state income, if applicable.  The states that do not have state income tax are Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming. 

What if I want to find my own housing?  Is there a housing allowance?
If you do not need housing for your advanced practice assignment or just want to find your own, Sunbelt can offer you a housing subsidy.  If your assignment is located more than 50 miles away from your permanent residence, that subsidy can be tax-free.  The amount of the subsidy will vary based on location of your assignment.

Is there a cost for bringing my family or pets with me?
Sunbelt typically provides a one-bedroom, one-bath furnished apartment for your assignment.  If you require a larger apartment or additional amenities, you will need to discuss the details with your recruiter to determine what costs, if any, for which you might be responsible.  You will be responsible for any pet deposits or fees relating to your pet if you choose to bring a pet on assignment.

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