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Back-to-School Speech Therapy Tips

Whether students are returning after a long summer vacation or after the winter holidays, there is always something invigorating about back-to-school preparations. It’s one of the best parts about being a school speech therapist.

Of course, getting back into the swing of a daily schedule isn’t all fun. Working as a school SLP has its challenges.

Making plans and incorporating some new tools into your usual lineup will help make the transition more enjoyable for everyone.


The Role of Speech and Language Therapists in Schools: 6 Benefits of Speech Therapy in Schools

If you work as a speech therapist, you’re probably already aware of the benefits of working in the profession. Speech therapists play a vital role in helping people overcome various language, speech, and swallowing problems. But if you have only worked in hospitals, rehab centers, and nursing homes, you might not know about the advantages of working as a school-based speech therapist. (more…)

4 Ways Schools Can Prepare for the School Year Return

As schools prepare to return for the upcoming school year, school-based professionals can certainly anticipate additional adjustments than in previous years. With a focus on adjusting to a new normal, schools will need to prioritize how to acclimate to these changes, ensuring that they are offering adequate support and leadership to students. We have put together a list of ways schools can look ahead to the upcoming school year, with help from Sunbelt Staffing.


How To Become a School Based Therapist: 6 Tips To Land a Therapy Job

school therapy jobs
If you’re an occupational therapist, speech therapist, or physical therapist trying to move into school-based therapy, there are several things to consider. Although experience as a therapist in a hospital, nursing home, or rehab setting is helpful, working in a school setting is different. But with the right game plan and advanced planning, you can transition into school-based therapy. Consider some of the following suggestions: (more…)

4 Ways for Education Professionals to Prepare for Virtual School

When you picture attending elementary school, high school, and even college, most think of a traditional brick and mortar classroom. However, online or virtual education is on the rise. The idea of online education offers flexibility to students and offers more learning opportunities. As a traditional teacher or speech therapist, the idea of virtual teaching may still be a new concept, but Sunbelt Staffing can help. Knowing how to prepare for virtual teaching and therapy services and your available options can help make the transition easier. Whether you are considering virtual school services as a new opportunity or must turn to online teaching or therapy during a disaster or pandemic, these four tips can help you prepare.


Qualities of a Speech Therapist For Kids

If you’re considering making the transition from a rehabilitation center or hospital speech therapist to a school-based therapist, there are certain traits and skills that will help you succeed. Although you need a strong desire to help people regardless of the setting you work in, there are additional traits that are helpful to becoming and succeeding as a school-based speech therapist.  Consider the list below.

Group Speech Therapy Activities

Group speech therapy can be an effective option for building vocabulary. It makes it more fun for the students and allows a single therapist to work with multiple students at a time, easing the overall workload and helps to maximize the time spent in therapy sessions.

There are many options for fun activities to improve students’ speech progress and keep them excited and engaged. We’ve come up with several ideas to give you a start on creating activities that your students will find engaging and helpful. These activities can be used for small groups of students both in person andduring teletherapy sessions if all activity materials are available.


Speech Language Pathologists Role in Helping Children with Autism

 Speech therapy for autistic children is not a one size fits all treatment. Children may have different areas of communication they need help with, and speech therapy goals will often differ. It’s helpful for speech therapists to consider providing both individual therapy and depending on the child’s age, therapy in a group setting as well.

Symptoms of autism are often apparent by the age of three. The sooner language delays are recognized, and therapy can start, the better. Typically, speech-language pathologists may help children with autism in the following ways:


Partnering with Parents for School-Based Speech Therapy

As a school-based speech therapist, the work you do with students not only makes a difference in their academic success but also their overall quality of life as well. Speech therapy can improve social interactions, cognitive skills, and self-esteem. To provide the best care possible, it’s helpful to partner with parents.

Parents can play a vital role in reinforcing therapy. Their involvement can make a difference in how fast your students meet their goals. Parent involvement can also affect student motivation. (more…)

Summer Learning!

ot-slp-conferences-2014In addition to some rest and relaxation this summer, you might want to brush up on your skills or tackle the CEUs you’ll need this year. Conferences are a great way to do this, since many of them fill those requirements and offer a bit of fun and camaraderie at the same time. We’ve listed some events going on this summer and some that you’ll need to register for ASAP, before all the spots are taken. We’ve also found a few webinars and online conferences for those who prefer to stay close to home. (more…)

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