School Physical Therapy (PT) Jobs


At Sunbelt Staffing, we tailor your assignment to fit your wants and needs – from location and school type to assignment length, pay, and benefits.  We currently have permanent contract, and substitute school therapy jobs for physical therapists and physical therapy assistants.

Sunbelt Staffing is a company that treats you like an individual – with individual wants and needs.  We provide the tools and support you need to succeed as a school physical therapist or school physical therapy assistant.  In addition to industry-leading pay and benefits, as a part of the Sunbelt team you will have a wide range of rewards and perks at your fingertips – perks like licensure reimbursement, matching 401(k), and vacation bonuses.

Fill out an online application today or start your search for the perfect physical therapy job or physical therapy assistant job in schools today!

What is a School Physical Therapist?

School-based Physical Therapists main objective is to provide and implement treatment plans that will help students to achieve the maximum education benefits within their learning environment. By focusing on providing students the ability to learn within their school environment, school-based PTs are thereby providing opportunity to students to thrive, learn and socialize at the same pace as their peers. PTs are often also tasked with developing Individual Education Programs (IED) for their students. These combined efforts are establishing beneficial and long-lasting opportunities for students. 

School Physical Therapist Job Outlook

There is, and continues to be, a high demand for physical therapists. While job availability depends on geographical location, the overall need for PTs continues to grow. It’s a profession that has a low unemployment rate while the need continues to grow into the foreseeable future.  

School Physical Therapy Jobs Available Now

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