School Occupational Therapy (OT) Jobs


As a school occupational therapist (OT) with Sunbelt Staffing, you’ll work with a recruiter that will focus on meeting your unique needs as both an occupational therapy professional and a person.  If traveling appeals to you, we have a multitude of school contract jobs which offer fully furnished private housing, great pay, and benefits.  If you’d prefer to stay where you are and earn a little extra money, we have substitute assignments which allow you the flexibility to work in your area and on your schedule.  If you’re looking for a new permanent position, Sunbelt can do the work for you.  It’s all part of the package at Sunbelt – where individuality is an asset.

What is a School Occupational Therapist?

School Occupational Therapists play a critical role in the lives of students by supporting their ability to participate in daily school activities. They are skilled professionals who are able to help patients do what they want and need to do through the therapeutic use of daily activities. School-based OTs help students with disabilities to fully participate and access their school activities, social settings and overall learning environment. From helping students with fine motor skills to working on classroom modifications, school-based Occupational Therapists  have a multi-functional role to ensure students’ success.

School Occupational Therapist Job Outlook

Occupational Therapy continues to be an essential treatment for people and opportunities will continue to increase. This is also true to schools specifically, as students will continue to need assistance within their learning environments. 

School Occupational Therapy Jobs Available Now

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