School Therapy Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of experience do I need to be a school contract healthcare professional?

Most schools prefer you to have some type of training working with children.  This training can range from internships to continuing education classes.

What if I need help? Will a Sunbelt associate be available?

Yes.  You can always reach your recruiter or team member during business hours.  Also you will be given your recruiter’s cell phone number in case an emergency should arise during non-working hours.

Does the submission of my application place me under any obligations?

Not at all. When you submit an application either online or by mail you are simply opening lines of communication.  You can speak with a Sunbelt recruiter, discuss options and locations, and even hear about available jobs, all without obligation. 

Do I have to pay any fees once I accept a contract school assignment?

Absolutely not! We work to find the right job with the right pay for you.  We will never charge you for these services.

How long are the contract school assignments?

It depends.  Most schools prefer for you to be there for the school year in its entirety.  Others may simply be looking for someone to fill in during a medical leave. Contact your Sunbelt recruiter if you have a question about a specific job.

When will I have my next therapy assignment?

Sunbelt is always concerned with ensuring that your financial stability is secure.  To that end, we start looking for your next assignment six to eight weeks before your current position ends.

I have never been through a telephone interview before. What can I expect?

A telephone interview is very similar to a face-to-face interview.  The interview is a chance for the school system to get to know you and your unique skills and experience.  In addition, it’s your chance to get to know the school and any policies and expectations that it might have.  And, because pay and benefits are handled by your recruiter, you can focus on the position and how well it fits your qualifications and needs.

I have selected a contract school assignment. What happens now?

You will be assigned a credentialing professional who will go over all the paperwork required by both Sunbelt Staffing and the school or district.  If you have elected to take Sunbelt provided housing, someone from our housing team will contact you to ensure you have safe lodging in close proximity to your new job.

In my staff position, there are many benefits such as retirement, continuing education, etc., What does Sunbelt offer if I were to accept a contract school assignment?

You are provided the same benefits that are offered to most direct hire employees – health, dental and vision insurance, a 401(k), and the opportunity for paid vacation bonuses. 

How are my taxes handled?

As a Sunbelt Staffing employee we handle all payroll and, where applicable, state taxes for you.

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