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Stress Management For Nurses

school nurse stress management

Nursing is a rewarding profession, but it can also be a stressful one. There are several factors that contribute to stress in the nursing profession, such as long shifts, maintaining a work-life balance and being called to help with unexpected medical emergencies. Each of these unique facets of a nurse’s job has the potential to contribute towards stress and nurse burnout.


How To Deal With Combative Patients

combative patientMedically Reviewed By Sarah Schultz, NP

As a nurse, you probably deal with all types of patients. Unfortunately, not all patients are easy to work with. Occasionally, patients become out of control. Sometimes patients don’t want help or even become aggressive.

It’s best to de-escalate a situation before it becomes physical, but that’s not always possible. Despite your best intentions, some patients may become combative. Depending on where you work, dealing with combative patients may come with the territory. Understanding how to efficiently deal with an aggressive patient helps keep both you and the patient safe.


Legal Issues Facing School Nurses

school nurse legal questions

Working as a school nurse is a lot different than other settings, such as a hospital, nursing home, or rehabilitation center. If you’re new to school nursing, you may have some questions about liability and other legal concerns. Below are some common questions and answers regarding school nursing. (more…)

Getting Sick As A Nurse

sick healthcare traveler
It’s happened to all of us at one time or another. The alarm clock goes off, your nose is stuffed up, and your throat is on fire. As much as you want to deny it, you’re sick. Now it’s decision time. Do you try to tough it out and go into to work, or do you call in sick?

Whether it’s a new travel nursing assignment or you have been on the job awhile, calling in sick is something that may stress you out. You don’t want to leave your co-workers short-staffed, and you may not get paid for the time off. What should you do and how to avoid getting sick? (more…)

Top 6 Free Resources for School Nurses

school nurse resources
Working as a school nurse often means you are the only medical professional onsite. School nurses should be comfortable working independently and trusting their own judgment. Even if you are used to working alone, it’s nice to have resources that provide information and support. Nurses are the heart of healthcare and providing free resources in order for them to continue to thrive in their career is essential. Self-learning is beneficial to career development, as it is motivated based on one’s desire to learn more about a specific area and presents the opportunity for one to learn at their own pace. By pursuing additional resources, nurses are able to discover an abundance of information including how to handle unexpected situations. Several resources may be beneficial for school nurses, including those listed below. (more…)

Meal Prep Ideas for Nurses

Nurses are often so dedicated to their jobs they work right through lunch breaks and night shift snack breaks. (1) Breaks are a necessary part of protecting against burnout, and equally important, making sure a nurse gets adequate nutrition while on the job. Busy nurses need easy lunch and snack ideas to make break taking as easy as possible. Here are some easy tips to make meal breaks a no brainer:


In Demand Travel Nursing Specialties


As technology continues to evolve, the need for certain careers may change. But nurses will likely always be in demand. According to the United States Census Bureau, by 2030 it’s expected that one in every five people in the United States will be retirement age. An aging population and advances in medicine may mean an increase in the need for health care providers including nurses.

That’s good news for travel nurses. If you hope to hit the road as a travel nurse, you may want to know what specialties are in demand. Although the need for specific types of travel nurses may vary somewhat according to location and seasonal fluctuations, the following specialties are likely to be in demand:


Surviving the Holidays as a Healthcare Traveler

healthcare traveler holidaysIt’s almost that time of year when families and friends get together to enjoy the holidays. If you’re working as a healthcare traveler and away from home on assignment, it’s normal to be a bit homesick. Instead of sulking, turn the situation around and find the silver lining. You can still make the best of the holiday season and maybe even spread some good tidings! (more…)

School Nurses and The Opioid Crisis

school nurses opioid crisisThe opioid epidemic is reaching all parts of the country and affecting people of all ages. Unfortunately, high school students are also becoming addicted to opioids. As a school nurse, you can have a role in dealing with the crisis.  (more…)

Changes in School Nursing Through the Years

school nurse changesSchool nurses play an important role in the well-being of students. School nurses respond to emergencies, provide education, and promote health programs. Similar to many areas of medicine, the job of school nurses has changed in the last decade or two. Continue reading to find out how school nursing has evolved. (more…)

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