Oklahoma Nursing licensure

State Board Examiners for SLP and Audiology

P.O. Box 53592
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73152
Phone: 405-840-2774
Fax: 405-843-3489
Website: http://www.state.ok.us/~obespa/

Board of Medical Licensure & Supervision

P.O. Box 18256
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73154
Phone: 405-848-6841
Fax: 405-848-8240
Website: http://www.okmedicalboard.org/occupational_therapists

Board of Medical Licensing & Supply
PT Advisory Committee

5104 North Francis, Suite C
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118
Phone: 405-848-6841
Fax: 405-848-8240
Website: http://www.okmedicalboard.org/physical_therapists
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