Nursing Frequently Asked Questions


I’m a travel nurse. What specialties do you place?
At Sunbelt, we work hard to find each and every nurse a position that matches both their specialty and their specific requirements.  Since we have positions opening and closing every day, the best way to see what we have available for your chosen specialty is to speak with one of our recruiters.  Our recruiters will always have the most up-to-date opportunities and will work to ensure that you find an assignment which suits your unique needs.

How much experience is required for Sunbelt travel nurses?
A typical travel assignment usually requires a minimum of one year of current experience in an acute care setting; however, even new graduate nurses have opportunities to work in travel nursing. Your Sunbelt recruiter will talk with you about your experience and preferences and help you find the job that fits your skills and requirements.

What if I need help? Will a Sunbelt associate be available?
Our travel nurses are never placed and forgotten when they work with Sunbelt, which is why we provide all of our healthcare professionals with their recruiter’s cell phone number. They can be reached at anytime, day or night, to solve emergency problems or answer any questions you might have.

After I submit my application, am I under any obligations?
No. Your application simply opens the door for communication between you and Sunbelt.  You can speak with a Sunbelt recruiter, discuss options and locations, and even hear about available jobs, all without obligation.  Your commitment doesn’t begin until you’ve interviewed and accepted a position.

Do I have to pay any fees once I accept a travel nursing assignment?
No!  Our nurses never pay any fees for our job placement services.


How long are Sunbelt’s travel nurse assignments?
While the actual length of assignment can vary from 4 to 52 weeks, our nursing assignments typically range from 13 to 26 weeks.  Keep in mind, the longer the travel assignment, the more earning potential you have!

Where will I be working as a travel nurse?
Sunbelt contracts with a number of facilities including hospitals, long term care locations and teaching facilities.   From small rural hospitals to major university systems, we can place you in the positions you want in the locations you choose.

When will I have my next nursing assignment?
Sunbelt Staffing is very forward thinking when it comes to your financial stability, so we do our best to maintain an ongoing cycle of work for you. We begin looking for your next travel nursing assignment six to eight weeks prior to your current end date.  If, instead, you’d like to continue at your current location, Sunbelt will work with the facility to extend your existing assignment.

Where are the locations of your nursing travel assignments? What if I am interested in “traveling” at home?
We offer nursing assignments throughout the United States. Whether you’re looking for the casual lifestyle of coastal living or a rugged adventure in a wooded mountain paradise, you can trust Sunbelt to find it. For those who wish to stay close to home, Sunbelt will work hard to find the travel nursing assignment that best fits you.

What happens if I’m interested in nursing in a particular place, but  I don’t have a license in that state?
If you’re not currently licensed in the state in which you’d like to work, Sunbelt can help. We can direct you to the appropriate Board of Nursing, and inform you about fees and processing times.  For your convenience, links to the individual Boards of Nursing are provided on this site. 

How do I select a travel assignment?
It all starts with a phone call or an application from our site. As soon you contact Sunbelt, our recruiters will spend time with you to assess your knowledge, skills and clinical strengths, as well as your preferred pay and location. This process helps pinpoint the assignment that best suits your particular needs. When the right assignment is found, the recruiter will call you to go over information about the unit, shift, case load and salary. Once you have heard all the details, we’ll ask if we may submit you as a candidate for the travel opening. After reviewing your information, the unit manager will typically get in touch with Sunbelt to schedule a telephone interview with you. After the interview has taken place and an offer is made, it is up to you to accept the assignment or decline it.

I have never been through a telephone interview before. What can I expect?
A telephone interview is only slightly different than a face-to-face interview. Since you have already discussed pay and benefits with your recruiter, you can focus solely on the position and expectations of the nurse manager. The interview is an opportunity for the hiring manager to assess your skills and experience and an opportunity for you to get to know the facility, its policies, and its expectations.  Sunbelt provides an interview prep sheet to help remind you of questions to ask and keep you focused during the phone interview.

I have selected a travel nursing assignment. What happens now?
As soon as you have accepted a travel job, your recruiter will go over all the paperwork required for both Sunbelt and the facility where you’ll work. Because your legal status is very important while you are on assignment, you will be required to have all documentation completed before you start. If you have questions about your travel nursing position, please contact your recruiter.

What about nursing orientation?
Since we have a variety of facilities that we staff, orientation may differ from place to place. In small, rural hospitals or long term care facilities the orientation may be as short as one day, whereas the orientation in a university system may be as long as seven days.  On average, the typical orientation lasts from three to five days. During nursing orientation, you will be familiarized with the facility and the floor you are assigned to work on.  In addition, you may be given medication assessments and tests specific to the requirements of specialty units. If applicable, study manuals for these tests will be provided by the facility.

What if I run into problems while on assignment?
If you have problems while on a travel nursing assignment, your recruiter is your primary point of contact.  All of our travel nurses are given their recruiter’s cell phone numbers.  Your recruiter is available to you 24/7.  Your recruiter will see to it that your problem is routed to the appropriate parties for resolution.  Most problems are resolved within 24 hours.


In my staff position, there are many benefits such as retirement, continuing education, etc. What does Sunbelt offer if I were to accept a travel nursing assignment?
Sunbelt Staffing works hard to provide you with top industry benefits. In addition to the health, dental, and vision insurance you’d expect from any reputable employer, we offer a competitive 401(k) and a loyalty program which can include reimbursement for licensure fees and continuing education, travel reimbursements for airlines, vacation bonuses, and AAA membership.

I will need housing on this travel nursing assignment. How does that work?
Sunbelt has an outstanding housing department that is dedicated to finding the perfect place for each of our travel nurses. Our housing department will call you within 24 hours of their notification to start the process of discovering your ideal neighborhood and home. Once chosen, Sunbelt will provide you with a fully furnished one-bedroom apartment. Your preferences such as first floor, second floor, washer/dryer, pet friendly, etc. are always considered. If you need something larger, speak to your recruiter about your specific requirements to ensure that your needs are adequately met.

What about how much I am paid? When and how will I receive it?
Sunbelt always works aggressively on your behalf to get the highest possible hourly rate, but several factors can influence your specific pay.  These include experience, specialty, location, shift, flexibility and the length of nursing assignment. Your hourly rate as a travel nurse is also determined by the non-wage benefits you choose, such as health insurance, housing, travel reimbursement, etc.

Sunbelt will pay you weekly through direct deposit, overnight delivery, standard mail to the address of your choice, or through our Virtual Instant Paycheck (V.I.P.) card. Our V.I.P. card allows you hassle-free management of your pay, bonuses, and reimbursements. That means immediate cash is always available through ATMs worldwide.

How are my taxes handled?
Sunbelt handles all the standard payroll taxes, as well as any state taxes that apply. Please be aware that you will be required to pay state income, if applicable, to the state in which you work. For example: if you live in Tennessee, which has no state income tax, but work in North Carolina, which does, you will pay North Carolina state income tax. The states that do not have state income tax are Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming. New Hampshire and Tennessee limit their state income tax to dividends and interest income.

What if I want to find my own housing? Is there a housing allowance for travel nurses?
Sunbelt offers a housing subsidy if you do not need housing for a travel assignment or would prefer to find your own. Housing subsidies are tax-free provided that you work more than 50 miles from your permanent residence in accordance with federal tax regulations. The amount of the subsidy will vary based on the location of the assignment.

Is there a cost for bringing my family or pets with me?
Sunbelt provides a one-bedroom, one-bath furnished apartment for the traveler. If you will require something larger, be sure to speak to your recruiter about your specific needs to determine if there would be any additional expense.  You will also be responsible for any pet deposits and/or monthly pet fees.

Who pays for my travel expenses?
Sunbelt is serious when it comes to saving you money. That’s why we do our best to offset travel costs for our traveling nurses.  Talk to your recruiter today to find out how Sunbelt can help cover your travel expenses on your next assignment with us.

Now that your questions have been answered, discover our available nursing jobs.  Still have questions? Contact one of our helpful recruiters today.

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