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How To Deal With Combative Patients

Medically Reviewed By Sarah Schultz, NP

As a nurse, you probably deal with all types of patients. Unfortunately, not all patients are easy to work with. Occasionally, patients become out of control. Sometimes patients don’t want help or even become aggressive.

It’s best to de-escalate a situation before it becomes physical, but that’s not always possible. Despite your best intentions, some patients may become combative. Depending on where you work, dealing with combative patients may come with the territory. Understanding how to efficiently deal with an aggressive patient helps keep both you and the patient safe.


Meal Prep Ideas for Nurses

Nurses are often so dedicated to their jobs they work right through lunch breaks and night shift snack breaks. (1) Breaks are a necessary part of protecting against burnout, and equally important, making sure a nurse gets adequate nutrition while on the job. Busy nurses need easy lunch and snack ideas to make break taking as easy as possible. Here are some easy tips to make meal breaks a no brainer:


Coping with Tragedy and Grief as a Healthcare Professional

If you turn on your nightly news, you’re likely to hear headlines about murder, war, and other tragedies. In recent years, terrorist attacks and violence at some protests have also been occurring. With 24/7 news coverage and instant access to current events through social media, we are bombarded with images of inexplicable tragedies.

But we don’t just hear national news stories about tragedy and heartbreak. Tragedies occur in cities and towns throughout the country, even in our own communities.

Healthcare professionals are often on the frontlines caring for people who have been injured by violence, accidents, or illness. Although healthcare workers are professionals, they are still human, and dealing with grief and tragedy can take its toll.

Whether you are a nurse, doctor, therapist, or other healthcare professional, you may deal with your own share of difficult and sad situations, and it can get tough. But there are things you can do to prevent becoming overwhelmed. (more…)

The Moments That Make You Proud to Be a Nurse 

We believe good nursing is the backbone of healthcare. When we think of nurses, we think of dedicated and inspirational people who work incredibly hard to make people better. The passion and empathy shown by nurses on a daily basis is unbelievably special, and we still haven’t met one nurse who hasn’t been there for a patient through the hardest times. Because we’re so proud of nurses, we decided to speak to those that have dedicated their lives to caring, to see what moments they are most proud of – and what keeps them doing what they love.

Melissa, Arizona

As a younger nurse, I had a patient transferred to me from another hospital. Prior to his accident he had been a judge, however, he was now quadriplegic and ventilator-dependent. I settled him in and explained to the family that I was there for the next twelve hours and I would be taking care of him.

He and I had an instant bond and we were able to talk via a communication board. He told me about his accident and how sad he was with his condition, knowing he wouldn’t be getting any better. I asked him if he’d had that talk with his family. He explained he hadn’t and that he didn’t know how to broach the subject. He asked me if I could do it for him.

I called his family that morning and asked them to come in.  I explained to his family his feelings, including his Do Not Resuscitate wishes. It was incredibly emotional. In the end, we all agreed to a withdrawal of care, which meant he could die naturally as he wished.

Since I was responsible for his care, it was my job to remove the patient from his ventilator and administer the morphine drip. I stayed with him and his family until the end.

This was 18 years ago and I still get a Christmas card from his family thanking me for the care and compassion I showed him in our short relationship.

Mikki, Florida

I once took care of a young woman that developed necrotizing fasciitis after she delivered her baby. To stop it from spreading, she had to undergo several surgeries. One time, when she returned from surgery, she felt like the bed was floating in the air. I stayed with her and reassured her until she was able to sleep.

When she got well, she returned every Valentine’s Day for several years, just to say thank you. We laugh about it now, but I know she is one of many people for whom I have made a difference. Sometimes the little things you do for people impact them the most.

Renee, Pennsylvania

I’ve had many great days as a nurse. The one that sticks out the most is the day I visited a patient in her home when I was a home care nurse. She was elderly and frail so I spent time with her, organizing her medications, making her a cup of tea, and teaching her how to use her inhalers properly as she had COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

She asked me to sit next to her and then said: “I’ve been praying to God that he send me a kind, smart, compassionate nurse. And he just answered my prayer.”. This brought me to tears and reminded me how important our role is to those who are vulnerable and in need.

Melissa, Arizona

My proudest moment as a nurse was when I graduated from my NP program. I was a single mother working nights and did not believe I would ever be able to accomplish what I did.

I truly believe that it takes a certain person to be a nurse. I started college as an art major but left when I had my son. After that, I was working at a hospital-based health and wellness program when I came into contact with several RNs. What impressed me most about them was their level of knowledge and caring. Becoming a nurse is the greatest thing that happened to me.

Michael, California

I was working as a Pain Management Nurse Practitioner and I had a patient who had been sent to our hospital from the VA. He was having a hard time getting authorization for a CT scan that was needed before he could proceed with surgery. He had served in Vietnam and was suffering from a metastatic cancer to the spine.  I made a call to the VA to make sure the process was handled and things didn’t get delayed. In the end, he was able to receive the treatment he needed.

As nurses, we are advocates for our patients and who better to be an advocate for than a man who has given all for our Country? I was proud to have met and had the opportunity to care for this patient. It was my honor.

Stacey, Virginia

I had the pleasure of caring for a hospice patient for a couple of months. When he passed away, the family thanked me for providing their loved one with outstanding care. I was incredibly touched that they appreciated all that I had done.

Do you have a moment that makes you proud to be a nurse? Let us know by tweeting us and hashtagging #ProudToBeANurse


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Interview with Nurse Nacole

Nurse NacoleLast month, as part of National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, we got to know a lot of the great nurses who make a huge difference to the lives of the people they care for. Many of the stories were inspiring and moving; as a result, we’ve decided to feature the nurses that keep us doing what we do. This month, we would like to introduce Nurse Nacole, a Florida-based nurse and Youtuber/blogger working within intensive care. (more…)

Communication 101 for Healthcare Professionals

communication tips for healthcare professionalsMiscommunication among healthcare workers can lead to a lot of problems. From poor working relationships with co-workers to medical errors, miscommunication is a big deal. Good communication skills are critical between co-workers and when talking with physicians and patients. Even if your communication skills are good, almost everyone can do a little something to improve their ability to communicate. Consider some of the following suggestions: (more…)

Candidate Spotlight: Jane Forbes

It takes a big heart to dedicate your career to working with children, especially children with disabilities. Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Jane Forbes, a Sunbelt Staffing physical therajane-forbespist, for doing this and then some.

Outside of her work as a school-based physical therapist, Jane is a mother of three. When her daughter went away to college, she made a decision to adopt two children from Bulgaria. Her profession led her to work with children who had osteogenesis imperfecta or brittle bone disease. When she found out that there are many kids in orphanages with brittle bones, Jane began the adoption process and came away with Georgi and Pippi, both of whom have brittle bone disease.

Since relocating from Bulgaria, Georgi and Pippi have grown more independent — and loved by their mother, Jane.

We’re so inspired by your dedication to working with children, Jane!

Mandatory Flu Vaccine — Fair or Not?

Mandatory-Flu-Shot-Nurse-Doctor-Healthcare-ProviderAs the weather gets colder and leafs starting changing colors, it means autumn is in the air.  But along with the beauty of the fall months comes the start of flu season. Although it can vary, flu seasons can start as early as October and often peaks between December and February, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (more…)

Destination: Vacation!

What’s summer break without a vacation? Whether you’re heading out with the entire family or looking for some grown-up fun, we’ve got you covered with destinations that are sure to take you to new heights, literally!

Five Kid-FRIENDLY Vacation Destinations

  1. The Grand Canyon

The-Grand-Canyon-VacationMy family drove cross country the summer before I started fifth grade. I’ll never forget our stop by the Grand Canyon. I was so mad when I found out that’s where we were heading! ‘We’re going to see a hole in the ground? Are you kidding me? What a joke!’ I grumbled on and on the entire drive, until I peeked out the window and caught a glimpse of that hole. To this day, I hold that experience in my heart as the first time I knew what true beauty was. It was utterly magnificent. The sheer vastness of it is enough to make even the most cynical teenager stop and admire the world around them. I was so impressed, I ran to the car and grabbed my most prized possession (a brown and white Pound Puppy named Martin, who I still have to this day) so he could see how awesome it was. You will note a picture of this event to the left. You’ll also need to ignore my hair. (more…)

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