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How To Deal With Combative Patients

Medically Reviewed By Sarah Schultz, NP

As a nurse, you probably deal with all types of patients. Unfortunately, not all patients are easy to work with. Occasionally, patients become out of control. Sometimes patients don’t want help or even become aggressive.

It’s best to de-escalate a situation before it becomes physical, but that’s not always possible. Despite your best intentions, some patients may become combative. Depending on where you work, dealing with combative patients may come with the territory. Understanding how to efficiently deal with an aggressive patient helps keep both you and the patient safe.


Getting Sick As A Nurse

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another. The alarm clock goes off, your nose is stuffed up, and your throat is on fire. As much as you want to deny it, you’re sick. Now it’s decision time. Do you try to tough it out and go into to work, or do you call in sick?

Whether it’s a new travel nursing assignment or you have been on the job awhile, calling in sick is something that may stress you out. You don’t want to leave your co-workers short-staffed, and you may not get paid for the time off. What should you do and how to avoid getting sick? (more…)

Surviving the Holidays as a Healthcare Traveler

healthcare traveler holidaysIt’s almost that time of year when families and friends get together to enjoy the holidays. If you’re working as a healthcare traveler and away from home on assignment, it’s normal to be a bit homesick. Instead of sulking, turn the situation around and find the silver lining. You can still make the best of the holiday season and maybe even spread some good tidings! (more…)

Connecting While on the Road as a Healthcare Traveler

healthcare traveler roadOne of the biggest concerns some healthcare travelers have before they start an assignment is whether they will be lonely or homesick. You might be looking forward to work but are a little less sure about how you’ll spend your time on your days off.

It might be easy to make instant friends when you’re in grade school. But being the new kid in town as an adult can be a bit intimidating, especially if you’re an introvert.

Connecting with people and making friends makes your travel assignment more fun and memorable. Fortunately, you don’t have to be the life of the party to connect with people. Consider the following suggestions to make new friends while on the road. (more…)

Healthcare Traveler Lingo: Terms to Know

healthcare traveler lingoIf you’re new to the world of healthcare traveling, you may not be familiar with all the terms involved. It seems that healthcare travel contracts may have a language of their own. With all the terms involved, it can get a little confusing.

Before you sign your first healthcare travel contract, make sure you have a good understanding of all the terms and conditions. Below is some of the common lingo you should know about healthcare traveling. (more…)

How to Spend Time Between Travel Nursing Jobs

between travel nursing assignmentsThere are several things to love about working as a travel nurse. Not only do you get to see the country, but you have the opportunity to improve your skills. One of the other great things about a travel assignment is the flexibility offered. You can move from one nursing assignment to the next without much of a break in between. Another option is taking a little time off between jobs. But how should you spend your time? Continue reading for some suggestions. (more…)

Tips to Experience a New City to the Fullest on Your Next Healthcare Travel Job

healthcare traveler cityStarting a new healthcare travel assignment is exciting. Not only do you have the chance to develop new skills, but you also get to experience a new city. Traveling and living somewhere different may be one of the best perks of working as a healthcare traveler.

Although living somewhere unfamiliar can be fun, it’s helpful to have a plan. Below are several suggestions to enjoy your new city during your travel assignment. (more…)

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