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How to Keep Your Emotions in Check as an ER Nurse

Working as a nurse in the emergency room is often gratifying. It’s also sometimes emotionally draining work. ER nurses see everything from traumas to cardiac arrests. Although the emergency room can be a life-saving place, it can also be a place with stress, fear, and heartbreak.

As an ER nurse, your job is to care for your patients, but you are only human. It’s normal to have moments when you get angry or sad. You also should avoid letting your emotions interfere with your job. Consider the following ways to handle your emotions as an ER nurse: (more…)

So you Want to be a Perioperative Nurse

How many people have watched hospital dramas on television like ER or Grey’s Anatomy and wondered what it would be like to work in a high energy hospital setting? Probably most of the people watching the shows, but they are probably thinking about being the doctor or surgeon. The background cast of nurses and orderlies are hardy a blip on the radar. This can even be true when patients are in the operating room or emergency room. Everyone is focused on the physician, but without the nurses just how much would get done? (more…)

Emergency Medicine – Is NBC’s ER Realistic?

After 15 years, NBC’s hit medical drama ER is going off the air. Nurses who are interested in a career in emergency medicine may wonder if the TV show is an accurate portrayal of what happens in the emergency room.  A number of emergency medicine practitioners have weighed in on this. (more…)

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