Travel Nursing Profile: Experience the Northeast

Let’s say you have lived your entire life on the west coast, perhaps a nice place in California. That was the case of one of my best friends, Diane. She grew up in southern California just outside of Los Angeles. While she certainly enjoyed all of the entertainment, dining, cultural and shopping options, she did not enjoy the freeway, congestion, and overcrowding. When she graduated high school, she knew she wanted to work in medicine, and she decided nursing was exactly right for her.She graduated from nursing school and immediately found a position in one of the large Los Angeles hospitals. While she loved her work and some of the aspects of the city, she now had a commute of over an hour – and the hospital environment was less than ideal.

Fall in New England

While in high school, Diane had traveled to various regions of the country on field trips sponsored by her drama and choral clubs. She found she really liked the Northeastern states – the region in general, but especially New York and Massachusetts. She said their big towns felt more like small towns – but with the same benefits she had grown accustomed to in California. After working for a few years in Los Angeles, she found that she thought about those trips to the Northeast more and more. Eventually, she began searching for a job in that region. However, she realized she knew virtually nothing about the hospitals there and wasn’t sure where she would best fit in.

Around the same time, a friend of hers decided to become a travel nurse. Unlike Diane, her friend had not had the opportunity to travel previously, and thought it would be a great way to see more of the country. However, the company the friend was working for did allow employees to specify what region they were most interested in. Diane thought this was an ideal solution to her problem, and she signed up immediately. She put in her notice and accepted the first posting offered to her in the Northeast.

Diane wound up at a medium sized hospital in upstate New York. Quite a difference from the hectic environment she was accustomed to, but she loved the change. She was also close enough to New York City and Boston to take several road trips when she had consecutive days off. She ended up taking several more positions in that region before ultimately deciding to travel more extensively and accepting random posts. However, she continued to long for the east coast energy, history, and gorgeous seasonal changes. She was eventually posted back in the Northeast, randomly as it happened, where she met her husband. She accepted a position from one of the hospitals she had previously worked in. She was amazed that what began as a visit to the Northeast as a travel nurse ended up as a permanent home.

Do you want to become a travel nurse to see a specific region or to explore all of the regions of the country?

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