Social Networking in the Travel Healthcare Industry

When you travel from location to location as part of your job, you may start to feel disconnected from those around you. If you’re like me, you want to be connected to something, if for no other reason than to know that other people understand where you’re coming from. Social networking can help you to meet other travel healthcare professionals, both online and in person. (more…)

Stress Relief for Overstressed Healthcare Workers

You take care of patients all day, but who is taking care of you? Hospitals across the country are grossly understaffed due to lack of adequate funding, leading to sometimes unmanageable nurse-to-patient and doctor-to-patient ratios. Mandatory overtime places additional stress on healthcare workers who are already being pushed to their limits during the course of the normal work week. I don’t know about you, but this sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. (more…)

How to Become a Pharmacist

Becoming a pharmacist takes a lot of training.  Pharmacy used to be a five-year degree, but it is now a six-year degree.  To be a pharmacist, you must earn your Doctor of Pharmacy degree, or PharmD.  This is a professional degree, not a graduate degree. While pharmacists may be referred to by the title of Doctor, they can dispense drugs but not prescribe them. (more…)

Five Reasons to Consider Travel Healthcare Jobs in a Poor Economy

You can’t watch the news or read the headlines online without hearing about the economy. Housing prices continue to drop. Even people with great credit are unable to get financing for new cars and new homes.  Banks and corporations are failing, and workers are getting laid off every day. The gloom and doom is everywhere. It’s a great time to start a career in healthcare travel.

Did I just lose you? Hear me out. (more…)

Emergency Medicine – Is NBC’s ER Realistic?

After 15 years, NBC’s hit medical drama ER is going off the air. Nurses who are interested in a career in emergency medicine may wonder if the TV show is an accurate portrayal of what happens in the emergency room.  A number of emergency medicine practitioners have weighed in on this. (more…)

Is Travel Nursing for You?

Healthcare workers, particularly nurses, are highly susceptible to burnout. After working for two years in the nursing department of a psychiatric hospital, I know my nerves were fried. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I worked in the pediatric unit, and the emotional stress of taking care of all of those kids was just too heartbreaking, or maybe it had something to do with the change in management style that made working in the milieu unpleasant. Either way, I experienced a common feeling – burnout – and I left the job. (more…)

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