Overcoming Fear as a Healthcare Traveler

If you want to work as a healthcare traveler, but something is holding you back, it may be time to face your fears. Fear can sometimes be a good thing. For example, we have all been taught as kids not to touch a hot stove out of fear of getting burned.

The problem is that sometimes fear can hold us back from reaching our potential and achieving our goals. If working as a healthcare traveler is something you want to do, there are several steps you can take to overcome your fears and hit the road.

Learn as Much as Possible About Becoming a Traveler

It’s natural to fear what you don’t fully understand, but knowledge is power. If possible, talk to others who have worked as a healthcare traveler. If you don’t know anyone, go online and join a healthcare traveler’s forum or chat group. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Find a Staffing Agency You Trust

Choosing the right staffing agency can make or break your healthcare travel assignment. A staffing agency you trust can take the guesswork out of your travel assignment. Your staffing agency provides details about your healthcare facility and what you can expect. Your recruiter is also a source of support to answer questions and help you deal with any concerns you have.

Keep Perspective

One of the great things about working as a healthcare traveler is the jobs are temporary. Although it can vary, most healthcare travel assignments are 13 weeks. If you do not like a certain facility, you will be on to the next job in a few months. It’s also helpful to ask yourself what you will regret more; taking a chance on something you may not like or not giving it a try.

Write Down the Pros and Cons

Sometimes it’s useful to see the advantages and disadvantages of your options in front of you. Consider writing down the pros and cons of taking a healthcare travel assignment. What appeals to you about the lifestyle? The pros might include meeting new people, seeing a different city, and expanding your skills. Weigh the pros with the cons when making your decision.

Visualize Yourself in a New City

Take a minute and picture yourself in a new city. It’s easy to get caught up in the potential problems, such as whether you will be homesick or fit in. But take some time to focus on the adventure and fun you may have in a new city.

Create a Stress Strategy

In general, working in healthcare can be stressful. Taking care of people who are ill or injured can be challenging emotionally and physically. Whether you work as a healthcare traveler or not, preventing all stress may not be possible. Developing your own stress management plan can be helpful. Consider ways to combat stress. For some people, exercise may be helpful. Meditation, tai chi, and yoga are all effective techniques to deal with stress.

Have you overcome fear or anxiety to work as a healthcare traveler? What did you do to overcome your apprehension?

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