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Choosing the Right Medical Facility for Your Travel Assignment

travel-assignment-facility-differences-choosingWhen you think about taking a healthcare travel assignment, you may first consider the city you want to experience. After all, a big part of working as a healthcare traveler is the opportunity to travel.

With all the excitement of a travel job, it can be easy to forget that work is part of the deal. In addition to your adventure, you will be spending part of your time at your job. You may have a certain part of the country you are interested in visiting. But in addition to geographic location, you should also consider what type of medical facility you are interested in. Selecting the right type of facility for your interests and goals will increase your chances of having your travel assignment be a great fit.

Asking yourself a few questions before you accept a travel assignment may help you make the best match.

What type of healthcare facility are you looking for?

Although acute care hospitals are the most common type of facilities healthcare travelers work in, they are not the only ones. Think about whether you are open to other types of healthcare facilities, such as nursing homes, community clinics, and rehabilitations hospitals.

Are you willing to step outside of your comfort zone?

Some travelers are used to working in a particular type of facility. For example, maybe your experience is in a rural hospital or an urgent care center. Give some thought to whether you are willing to take an assignment in a type of facility you are unfamiliar with. Keep in mind that trying something new may be a great experience.

Does the size of the facility matter?

Healthcare travel assignments are available in all size facilities from large medical centers to small hospitals. Before you accept an assignment, think about whether or not you have your heart set on a certain size hospital.

Are you focused on opportunities for professional growth?

Certain facilities may provide more opportunities for professional growth than others. For instance, if you take an assignment at a large medical center, which utilizes the latest technology, you may have more opportunities to learn things than if you worked in a smaller facility.

Should you select a community-based facility or teaching hospital?

There are pros and cons to both teaching hospitals and small community hospitals. Small facilities may feel more intimate and provide you with an opportunity to get to know more people. Large facilities may be exciting and allow you to work with a wider variety of patients. Think about which you prefer.

Are you comfortable with the location?

Even if you are excited to go to a particular city, consider the location of the facility. Almost all communities and cities have neighborhoods that have higher crime rates than others. Find out if the hospital you are considering is located in an area where you feel safe.

There are so many things to take into consideration when starting a healthcare travel assignment. Taking a little time to think about what type of environment you are interested in working can help you thrive as a traveler.

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