Between Travel Assignments: 5 Options to Consider

Working as a healthcare traveler allows you the benefit of not having a set schedule year-round. Although they can be longer, many travel assignments last for 13 weeks. That means after you complete one assignment, you may have decisions to make. If you are starting work as a healthcare traveler, maybe you’re not sure what you will do when your assignment ends. The good news is that you have options.

1. Try to get another assignment immediately. If you are interested in continuing to travel to new locations, you can try to snag another assignment as soon as your current one ends. If you’re interested in traveling right away, let your recruiter know before your assignment ends.

2. Decide if you want a break between jobs. A couple of weeks between assignments may be a good idea. The short break may give you time for a quick visit back home. In other cases, you may need a week or two to pack up and get to your new location and settle in before starting work.

If you are interested in taking a longer break between assignments, such as a few months, that may also be an option.  Managing your money well may determine the length of your break. During a break, you may decide your next move, or just enjoy the downtime.

Consider taking a vacation, visiting friends, doing volunteer work or just relaxing by the pool. If you do choose to take a break from work for a while, be sure you plan ahead and consider your finances. Whatever amount of time you decide you need between assignments, be sure to communicate your wishes to your recruiter.

3. Determine if you can stay at your current location. Maybe your loved your assignment and would like to extend it. Talk to your staffing agency about the possibility of extending your assignment. If it is not possible, maybe the facility is hiring permanent employees.

4. Complete continuing education. Some staffing agencies may offer to pay for continuing education classes. Determine if this is a benefit and if you can take classes between assignments. Even if your staffing agency does not pay for classes, you may want to consider paying for them yourself. A break between assignments is the perfect time to devote to education. Whether you take an online class towards an advanced degree, a continuing education class or something for fun, take advantage of your sabbatical from work.

5. Head back home. One of the great aspects of working as a healthcare traveler is the freedom it brings. You can opt to try to work year-round, take breaks or only take one assignment. Maybe after one or two travel assignments, you are ready to settle down back home. If you plan to return home, start your search for a permanent job early and save a little money to get you through the transition.

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