9 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Healthcare Traveler

travel-nursing-questions-factsWorking as a healthcare traveler can be a great way to make a living, but it may not be for everyone at every stage in their life. Before you sign a contract and accept a travel assignment, it is a good idea to ask yourself several questions in order to determine if working as a healthcare traveler is right for you.

  1. Do you like adventure? Travel nursing can be a fun way to make a living. But it is not for the meek and timid. Nurses who enjoy adventure and a challenge are the most likely to do well as travel nurses.
  1. Are you comfortable being the new person? When you start a travel assignment, you most likely will not know any of your co-workers. For some people, being the new kid in town is scary and not something they enjoy. But others thrive in a new environment.
  1. Are you flexible? Being flexible is a helpful trait for all types of nurses, but it is something travel nurses definitely need. For example, some hospitals have travel nurses float to other areas of the facility besides the unit where they normally work.
  1. Do you welcome change? Keep in mind, as a nurse traveler you will experience a lot of changes at once. As a traveler, you will be living in a new city, meeting new people and getting used to everything. If you are someone who has trouble with change, travel nursing may be difficult.
  1. Are you overwhelmed easily? Moving to a new apartment, learning your way around a new city and figuring out a new job is a lot to take on all at once. If you are someone who can go with the flow and enjoy all the changes, travel nursing may be a good choice. Someone with a calm and relaxed demeanor is often the best fit for travel nursing.
  1. Are you confident? Starting something totally different in an unfamiliar setting takes guts. Leaving behind your family and friends to try a new job and live somewhere different takes a certain kind of bravery and confidence.
  1. Do you make friends easily? At first, you may not know anyone at your new job. If you are an introvert and avoid talking to people you do not know well, travel nursing is going to be difficult. Travel nurses need to be friendly and sometimes make the first move to get to know people.
  1. How soon are you ready to travel? One important question to ask yourself is when you want to get started. You may have to give notice at a current job or wait until your lease is up. On the flip side, you may be ready to hit the road as soon as your application is approved.
  1. Are you being honest with yourself? It can be difficult to answer questions about yourself honestly. But asking some important questions and being truthful with yourself will help you make a decision you are happy with.
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