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PACU Nurse Job Description: Salary, Responsibilities & More

For patients undergoing surgery, a PACU nurse is a key member of the healthcare team. Many people are unfamiliar with this specialty and the PACU nurse job description in general. Let’s take a closer look at the responsibilities of this important role of  recovery.

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Med Surg Nursing Job Description

Medical surgical nursing or med surg nursing is one of the most common nursing specialties out there. This type of nursing focuses on caring for patients before and after a surgical procedure.

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School Social Worker Resume Format & Example

As you seek the ideal school social worker position, you’ll soon see the power of an effective resume. You have dedicated your time and energy to becoming an exceptional school social worker, and your resume is a crucial tool to display your talents and motivations. A well-crafted resume follows a specific formula, which we will dive into below. Let’s take a look at the key requirements of a successful resume and a model example to help you propel your job hunt.

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