Our reputation speaks for itself.

We could tell you all about our three decades of experience or our track record of proven success in the travel and healthcare industries, but we think it’s best to let the work speak for itself. Here’s what our clients and candidates have to say about Sunbelt Staffing:

See what our healthcare clients and candidates are saying

Client Testimonials

"My dealings with Sunbelt have all been positive and I feel that Sunbelt is invested in the success of the relationship and making a successful placement."

—Susan A., Coordinator

"[Sunbelt] has provided me with many nurses that I consider to be the best of the travel nurses that I have contracted. Several of these nurses became staff nurses. The staff at Sunbelt has been quick to respond and is always professional in their handling of nurses. They act in the best interests of both the nurse and the facility."

—Beverly C., Nursing Agency Coordinator

"It has been my pleasure to work with Sunbelt Staffing for the past three and a half years."

—Jeanne E., Staffing Coordinator

For the last four years, we have worked with [Sunbelt] to recruit and hire nurses for our branches. We have been very happy overall with many of the nurses we have gotten from [Sunbelt], and have even hired some on directly with us. Over the years, we have worked with many staffing companies and [Sunbelt] is definitely one of the best. Thank you for being such a valued and trusted partner.

—Jenette M., Executive Director

"Our Sunbelt Account Manager has actively listened to our needs and strived to place the employee with the desired qualifications and experience to our branch. We have had great success with staffing to the need as well as staffing a personality that blended with the other staff."

—Peggy R., Branch Director

"The nurses that have been placed [by Sunbelt Staffing] have more than met our expectations. Their staff is clinically proficient, reliable, dependable and professional."

—Diane E., Director

"Sunbelt has provided [us] with many nurses that I consider to be the best of the travel nurses that I have contracted."

—Beverly C., Staffing Coordinator

"Sunbelt is a great company to deal with. Their representatives are always ready and willing to help. In fact, they have been very helpful in finding staff for our two hospitals."

—Lynn, Nurse Manager

"I regard Sunbelt Staffing as one of the “top notch” companies. I never hesitate to call, knowing that I will receive a prompt and courteous reply. These are hectic times for staffing a hospital and I appreciate Sunbelt’s expertise. It is nice to give our business to, as well as recommend Sunbelt Staffing to others."

—Mary, Staffing Coordinator

"I appreciate all that Sunbelt does for its employees. Most of all, I am impressed with the level of respect and teamwork that is put in practice. I sense that your company is truly trying to reach out to therapists to give them a sense of belonging and being part of a team."

—Patricia, OTR/L

Candidate Testimonials

"I have worked with several different travel companies and Sunbelt is by far the best out there."

—Janet A., LPN

"I ABSOLUTELY love Sunbelt and it is because I have a great recruiter."

—Alysa M., RN

"Working with Sunbelt has been a pleasure these last three years. They have supported me well in the field and have provided great places to live. They also helped when there were issues with the assignment."

—Mary O., RN

"My mother was a registered nurse who cared for the elderly, those with mental illness, and those suffering from substance abuse. Having grown up in her shadow, I have aspired my whole life to help those whom the world has forgotten. That is why I chose to work with Sunbelt. I see patients every day who are scared and suffering. They feel "lost" in the system and believe that no one listens to them – but I do, and through my work I have the opportunity to make sure they are heard. That is what feeds my soul and makes me feel as though my work makes a difference."

—Nurse Practitioner

"The Care Improvement Plus program has enriched my experience as a caregiver. Our work with the chronically ill elderly improves each patient’s health and sense of well-being, improves caregiver-patient communication, and prevents unnecessary hospital and ER visits. The evaluations conducted in their homes help uncover a myriad of problems, both potential and real, that can be addressed to prevent unnecessary suffering. It is a privilege to work in this program, where I feel we are truly making a difference for the people we serve."

—Nurse Practitioner

"The home assessments can be a great teaching tool because you have more time and freedom to educate the members on how to take better care of their health. If you are an NP that enjoys educating your patients, this is a great program."

—Nurse Practitioner

"Visiting the homes of the members you really do get a better feel of what is actually going on with the patient and they really appreciate the time you spend with them, they often ask me when I am going to be back!"


"For the patients in the Rio Grande Valley, house calls are great. Many of the patients lack a means of transportation, so going to the clients' home is essential. In addition, while the NP is in the home, the patient gets a complete medical history and physical examination and we get to observe the home situation. Clients have told me the exam is much more thorough than the exam done at the MD office and much more time is spent with the individual. Besides the examination, the NP does health teaching as needed. If there are problems found on the examination, the physician is notified. This can prevent many complications that could occur if left unattended."


"The home assessments program is a very different way of interacting with patients; it reminds me of the old time home visits from your family doctor."

—Nurse Practitioner

"This is the first staffing agency I have ever worked with and I’m glad I did. Sunbelt has been on the ball with giving me feedback, keeping me up to date with the program, and they are always readily available."

—Texas NP

"I have been happy with Sunbelt and have already referred others."

—Karen F., OT

See what our education and school clients and candidates are saying

Client Testimonials

"I have been in contact with [Sunbelt Staffing] for the past two months due to a need for a speech therapist. The staff member that has been in contact with me has made the process very thorough and efficient. The agency took care of all of the required paperwork needed from our district. Communication and follow-up has been regular and ongoing. Sunbelt seems particularly concerned that the service is working out for both parties."

—Stephanie S., Director of Special Populations

"As an Education Director, it was becoming increasingly difficult to recruit these individuals as we are a small and rural district. However, after connecting with Sunbelt Staffing, they were able to assist us in this process of finding highly qualified and professional individuals, especially in the area of Speech and Language Pathology." "The professionalism we have witnessed by this agency goes beyond our expectations. All of our correspondence with Sunbelt Staffing has been handled in a timely and professional manner."

—Evelyn L., Program Director

"I have been very satisfied with the quality of professionals Sunbelt has been able to send me. All three of our current Sunbelt therapists are exceptional. They are highly knowledgeable in their respective fields, they readily adapted to our district policies and procedures and they have been very reliable."

—Seri S., Director of Special Services

"Sunbelt Staffing was diligent about working to find a great fit based on our unique needs."

—Lisa H., Assistant Superintendent

"Sunbelt Staffing helped us fill some very difficult positions and they were extremely reliable, courteous and helpful. The contracted health care professionals we have employed have been a wonderful asset to our cooperative. I would definitely recommend Sunbelt to other districts and directors of special education."

—Anne R., Director of Special Education

"Houston ISD has always been satisfied with the service received from Sunbelt Staffing. They've provided us with qualified SLPs for over 10 years."

—Vicki P., Special Education Director

"The professionalism we have witnessed [with Sunbelt] goes beyond our expectations."

—Evelyn L., School Staffing Coordinator

"Sunbelt Staffing is an extremely professional organization and has helped us fill our critical needs by providing a high quality special education staffing services to our school district."

—Christine F., School Staffing Coordinator

Candidate Testimonials

"Honestly, my Sunbelt account executive is the best recruiter I have worked with in my career. She is so kind, and very helpful."

—Jacki P., School SLP

"Sunbelt Staffing has gone above and beyond to assist in my position.  My recruiter always responds in a timely fashion."

—Courtney T., Special Education Teacher

"My Sunbelt recruiter is prompt to answer questions and if she doesn’t know the answer she finds it fast!  She has made my transition to the school district and employment with Sunbelt and excellent and positive experience."

—Rachelle S., School COTA

"Sunbelt has been an excellent company in my 4th year! I have had wonderful experiences with my recruiter."

—Nicole C., School SLP

I am totally pleased with every aspect of Sunbelt.

—Tiffany G., CFY

"I am fortunate to have had my Sunbelt recruiter support me through my last assignment. She listens, offers advice, and is willing to go the extra mile to help with whatever it may be. I can always count on her and it's so nice just knowing that she honestly cares."

—Charlotte., School OT

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